Youth Faith Formation

Youth Faith Formation (formerly known as Confirmation) prepares young members of St. John's Lutheran Church for full participation in the life of the church.



The goals of Youth Faith Formation are:

  • To assist the youth of our church in recognizing and responding to the Holy Spirit.
  • To provide our young people with knowledge of the Christian sacred stories;
  • To encourage our young people to live out their faith, using the gifts the Spirit has provided them;
  • To give our young people tools and resources to guide them throughout life as they make decisions.


The responsibility for executing the activities is shared by all members of St. John’s, in faithful exercise of the members’ individual spiritual gifts.


The faith formation process includes three required elements: acquisition of knowledge, service, and articulation of faith.


The young people engaged in Youth Faith Formation meet every Sunday during the Christian Education hour, which is the primary vehicle for acquisition of knowledge and articulation of faith.


The service component of youth faith formation consists of each young person becoming an active participant in at least one ministry of the church, chosen by that young person. Each young person is assigned an adult mentor, and each young person reports periodically on their participation.

Affirmation of Baptism

Those young people who successfully demonstrate proficiency in all three components of the faith formation program are to affirm their baptism, which takes place at a Sunday service in May of each year.

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